Attic Ventilation Installation Testimonial

Katie M.

“I was in need of attic ventilation, in a hurry. Our house was for sale and it had to get fixed correctly and within a strict time frame. I called several local roofers and none of them would even come look at my roof because it was a time crunch. Also, you don’t make much money putting in a few vents.

I called Elite in the morning and they were pleasant and agreed to stop by the following afternoon for an estimate.

They were there on time for the estimate and gave good advice on what needed to get done. The price was very reasonable and when I expressed our concern to have it done quickly they agreed to have someone come over that night and install the vents after their regular hours.

Fast and reasonable.”

Necessary home improvements when your residence is up for sale can be stressful. Elite Improvements strives to eliminate any stress, maintain competitive price points, and get your project done in a timely manner – no matter how big or small. Bringing this attic up to code for ventilation by installing attic vents was our pleasure!

Contact Elite Improvements for your free attic ventilation estimate today.

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