Lake Home Remodels Lake Geneva and Surrounding Areas

Ready to remodel but don’t know where to start?

Step 1 – Proper Roof and Water Diversion

All homes need a solid roof and a dry basement. If you have a moist basement or any signs of water leaking from your roof, start there! It doesn’t make sense to remodel the inside of your home until you have proper water protection & diversion. Elite Home Improvements will be able to spot these issues and provide you with your best advice and/or options for roof repair or basement leak repair before we start your lake home remodeling project. 

Step 2 – Main Use for Lake Home

Decide what your main use for the home is. This helps prioritize what projects should be a focus and which ones can wait.


* Small Family Gatherings

* Entertaining Large Groups * Water/Nature Activities

* Sanctuary Retreat

* Rental Property

Once your vision of what you want your lake home to be to you is clear and defined we can create a lake home remodel project priority list and work with you on planning and timeline. Whether you want to knock out one project at a time over a long period of time, or you just want to prioritize the order of a full remodel on a quicker timeline, we can list out each piece of the complete remodeling project.

Step 3 – Budget Your Lake Home Remodeling Project 

If you’re like most people you’ll have a list of desired improvements. It’s best to decide what you are comfortable spending. Once you have your budget you can choose what projects are most important as well as possible to get done first.

Step 4 – When is a good time to remodel?

Late Fall – Early Spring. That way you can still enjoy your property during the peak season! That means planning early to get your desired timeline.You don’t want to be in the middle of a large lake home remodeling project during your midwest summer, and neither does anyone else with a lake home. Because late fall and early spring are our busiest seasons, you want to get your project on our calendar as quickly as possible if you want yours to be done during those times.

Step 5 – Who should I call?

When you’re ready to get your lake home remodeling project started, consider using a company that has good customer reviews and project history. If you’re project is something smaller or something you plan to buy materials for yourself; consider calling an insured handyman in your area. If your project is too big for a handyman, consider using a general contractor. General contractors work with quality local companies to coordinate larger projects (Additions, Kitchens & Rebuilds) smoothly. Elite Home Improvements has years of experience and a quality portfolio to back us up. We will make sure your lake home remodel is done right.   

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