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Add Comfort & Value to Your Home with a Bumpout Addition

Kitchen Bumpout Additions Burlington, WI

It’s amazing how much of a difference a little additional space can make, especially to your kitchen or bedroom. A bump-out can enhance any existing room in your home, with minimal exterior or roof changes and no need for additional heating or cooling services. Your bump-out can range from as small as 2ft and extend up to 15ft if necessary. That seems like a small home addition, but it can be very beneficial to you and your family. You’ll finally be able to customize your home, even on a budget. The uses are only as limited as your imagination! Bump-out additions can add square footage to ANY room in your home with exterior walls. Adding value, extra seating, storage, and style to your home, the options really are unlimited. A bump-out is an ideal solution for just about any space concerns you might have.

Here are a few great ideas for bump out space in your home:

  • More cabinet or seating space in a kitchen
  • Light filled breakfast nook
  • Extra room for your Christmas tree every year
  • Window seat in a bedroom, living room, or office
  • Small little corner to paint or do crafts
  • Naturally lit reading area
  • Storage space

The list could just go on and on…What would you use it for?

Finally an Affordable, Stress-free Contracting Company

The professionals at Elite Improvements are experts in producing incredible home improvements and additions, delivering exceptional workmanship on each and every project. We pride ourselves on treating our customers right, from initial design to the finished product, we will be right there with you. Our staff absolutely loves creating new designs, bump outs, and home transformations. We can’t wait to hear and discuss your ideas.

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Bathroom Bumpout Additions Burlington, WI