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Why Hire a Home Improvement Contractor in Burlington WI

Starting a home renovation of any size can be daunting. From renovating a bathroom to adding an addition to your home, there are many moving parts all going at the same time. Hiring electricians, carpenters, plumbers, painters, inspectors, drywallers, just to name a few. That doesn’t even include permits, purchasing supplies, renting heavy equipment, time. Of course there is always the option of doing it all yourself, but that can take at least double the amount of time, and leaves a lot of room for errors. Home renovations don’t have to be stressful. You’re already turning your life upside down by tearing apart your house, don’t add the extra stress of doing it alone. 

When it comes to a home improvement project, think of yourself as the CEO. You get to make all the final decisions. You want updates, you want everything to go smoothly, and you want things to get done efficiently, but you also have every other aspect of your “company” (or household) to run as well. That’s why you hire a COO (chief operating officer). The COO is in charge of making sure that day to day operations get done so that you can focus on other aspects of the company. That’s what a home improvement contractor does! There are a lot of big decisions that need to be made about a project that aren’t important to the homeowner, like what kind of wood is used for the subflooring. 

A contractor may seem like a huge financial commitment. Doing a project yourself may seem like a better investment, but DIY projects almost always end up taking more time, money, and effort than anticipated. When you hire a contractor, they know how to plan and manage resources for unexpected twists and turns. Big projects always throw curveballs, especially when it comes to plumbing and electrics. A simple bathroom remodel could cause your entire house to flood from one little mistake. On average, it can take at least forty days for homeowner’s insurance to pay for flood damage, if they cover it at all. A contractor would guarantee that things are done by skilled, trained professionals so that mistakes are less likely to happen. 

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Home Office Additions and Renovations Burlington Wi

When you built your home, you knew you would spend many hours playing with your kids, making meals and memories, and getting a much needed retreat away from your job. What you didn’t know is that you would soon be spending those 40+ hours you work every week cramped up at your tiny kitchen table because your company has decided to go remote. 

Right now at least 71% of white collar employees are currently working from home with no office return date in sight. Many employers have decided to completely forego a physical office and allow their employees to work wherever they feel comfortable, which may mean you’re sharing your office space with your spouse and school aged children as well. Not only can that cause a decline in productivity at work, but it can also cause a strain on family relationships. 

Working from home may be the new normal, but the stress behind it doesn’t have to be. Elite Improvements can design a custom plan that fits perfectly with your lifestyle, floorplan, and budget to make working from home feel a little bit easier. That could be as simple as remodeling a space to make room for a small office, or adding a whole new addition to your home to make sure everyone has the space they need to be productive. 

One option would be to make your current office space functional. A few things to consider would be what you do and what the most important features are to make your life a little easier. A teacher would want visible space behind his or her desk for a white board or bulletin board for students to be able to follow along, as well as plenty of storage and shelving units that still look esthetically pleasing. Someone who works as a call center representative would need a quiet space that is set up to promote focusing and productivity. Do you have young children that are going to be home as well while you are working? If your space allows, you have the option to add in a space for your kids to play and be creative while still within your sight. With a custom home office design, Elite Improvements will make your space work for you.

Another option would be adding in a whole new space. Do you have an empty basement you had no clue what to do with? Adding a designated office space will not only give you space to get your work done, it will also add value to your home should you choose to sell in the future. If your home doesn’t currently have the space to build a new room, a home addition is always a fantastic way to add square footage and value to your home. The idea of extending your living space may seem daunting, however our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure you’re comfortable and confident with your decision!

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