Vinyl Siding Repair Testimonial Burlington Wi

Carol J.

Milwaukee, Wi

“I am a property owner, whose tenants had hit the side of my home, causing damage to the vinyl siding. Jim at Elite Improvements was sensitive to my needing to get the repair done as soon as possible. He worked my “small project” in during one of his busiest times by having his workers complete the task on a Saturday (at no extra charge). I was impressed by their professionalism and level of expertise. I would, therefore, highly recommend using this company. Another satisfied customer, Carol J. Milwaukee, WI.”

Elite Improvements prefers home improvement projects to be pre-planned, but the truth is life happens. Sometimes the unforeseen can pop up at the worst time. We understand the stress of accidents and the dire need to get them remedied as soon as possible. This Milwaukee vinyl siding project was no exception – and we did our best to fix this home’s vinyl siding as soon as possible and would never want to inconvenience such situation more by adding extra cost to the stress.

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