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Room Additions for Your Southeastern Wisconsin Home

Usually, building a room addition is a big investment of both time and money. Before hiring Elite Improvements as your room addition contractor or starting your DIY room addition project, you can consider these following tips:

  • Know Your Options

Before you commit to your room addition project, you may consider reconfiguring your current space to make more sense. Think about the spaces you currently have including an attic or basement, which could be used to meet your unique needs for more room. You might also have a room that is very rarely used that could be repurposed in accordance to your budget.

Instead of adding a new room including master or kitchen suite, you might be able to get rid of the interior walls to incorporate adjacent spaces. Even with the need for patching several areas of flooring and ceilings, as well as building new support for replacing load-bearing walls, the cost is may be lower than a full addition. Always assess your home’s existing footprint to know if there are good ways of using the space you have.

  • Always Prioritize Your Needs

Once you have decided that the room addition is the perfect solution for you, determine the necessities for your new room. Think of all the things that your space currently lacks and how the new room can offer it. Keep in mind the use of your existing rooms and determine the issues you need resolved. For instance, if you are building a new kitchen, you would want to consider having a flow that will match the way you prepare ingredients, clean, and cook. For new bathrooms, consider the number of family members who will use it. Having a clear view what you require is a way to ensure you end with the best room addition.

  • Know Who Will Do the Work

Unless you’re very skilled in construction work, room additions aren’t a DIY project. There are several homeowners who decide to do the job. But, being your own contractor requires knowledge of construction and materials. Plus, you also need skills and time to manage everything. The best way to build a room addition successfully is through hiring a professional home improvements contractor: Elite Improvements.

Are you ready for your room addition project? Elite Improvements is based in Burlington, Wisconsin and services the surrounding areas including but not limited to Union Grove, Waterford, Elkhorn, Lake Geneva and Wind Lake.

Contact Elite Improvements for your free home addition estimate in Burlington and surrounding areas.

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