Kitchen Remodeling Burlington WI

Kitchen Remodeling Burlington WI

Planning on updating to the Kitchen of your dreams?

Kitchens are usually kept the same for about 20 years.  It pays to consider all of your needs and wants before you start your kitchen renovation. You spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. A remodel will give you an enjoyable and functional place that you will want to be.

Once you get a better idea of your remodeling plan, exploring kitchen designs that suit your daily needs and special occasions can give you a starting point. Elite Improvements brings you a team of creative and experienced building contractors to help design and execute your dream kitchen.  You can find inspiration in these common kitchen types or explore a vastness of options.

A Gourmet Kitchen 

A kitchen with professional high performance appliances. Easy-to-clean surfaces and storage for specialty equipment and items.

Entertaining Kitchen 

A kitchen with an open floor plan where the cook and guests can interact. Ample seating and counter space for serving and displays.

Family-Centered Kitchen 

A kitchen with eat-in table or counter.  Simple layout with storage or large pantry.


When planning for your kitchen remodel it’s a good idea to ponder the following questions to get your kitchen planning underway:

  • What is the size of your household
  • What do you want vs. what do you need?
  • Kitchen function (entertaining, dining, working kitchen)
  • How tall are you? (Cabinets and counters can be custom to your height)
  • Are you right-handed or left-handed?
  • What are the types of items to be stored in the kitchen?
  • What do you LOVE about your existing kitchen?
  • What drives you NUTS about your existing kitchen?
    • Shopping habits (do you buy in bulk and need storage?)
  • Is there a deadline for your renovations?


Using these as a starting point with our design experts and building contractors will streamline the process to the best kitchen for you.

Contact Elite Improvements for your free kitchen remodeling estimate today.

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