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Roofing Options that will Save Time, Money, and Headaches!

Roofing seems like a pretty straightforward decision, but did you know that you have options beyond traditional asphalt shingles? The type of roofing materials you pick can make a dramatic difference in your utility costs, future maintenance and repair costs, and protection from the elements. Roofing isn’t the best place to cut costs when it […]

Best Burlington Residential Roofing and Siding Company

Roofing Contractor Racine County Now is the time to start thinking about scheduling your new roof replacement or your roofing repair project. Roofing season is quickly approaching, and roofing contractors book up quickly. If you want a new roof or roof repair work done, you want to get your quotes, and get on a calendar […]

Basement Extras that Bring the Party!

Following a global pandemic, people have come to appreciate their own space just a little more! Basements have a bad reputation of being cold, dark, and creepy when they are a great way to add entertainment space to your home! There are endless options on how to best utilize your basement! Here are some of […]

Things to Know Before Removing a Wall

Open concept living is all the rage in home renovating right now. Tearing down a wall seems like an easy task. All it is is swinging a hammer, right? Many renovators feel this is a good opportunity to save money and tackle the demo themselves. We love an open concept layout just as much as […]

Protecting Your Home from Winter Damage

Ready or not, winter is right around the corner in Wisconsin. When it comes to winter, Wisconsin residents have a whole list of preparations: swapping your tires out for snow tires, adding some sand bags to your trunk, stocking up on ice melt for your driveway, putting away patio furniture, and tucking in any plants […]

How to Make Your Master Bath Perfect

Your master bathroom should only be described by words like relaxing, oasis, getaway, and elegant. Unfortunately, the master bathroom is generally the last room transformed when remodeling a house because it’s not a room guests typically see. Who ever said you don’t deserve nice things to enjoy for yourself? At Elite Improvements, we believe you […]

Home Office Additions and Renovations Burlington Wi

When you built your home, you knew you would spend many hours playing with your kids, making meals and memories, and getting a much needed retreat away from your job. What you didn’t know is that you would soon be spending those 40+ hours you work every week cramped up at your tiny kitchen table because your company has decided to go remote.

Roof Installation Review

“Knowledgeable, easy to work with, and quality workmanship. Elite Improvements LLC is not afraid to go the extra mile to guarantee satisfaction. We would recommend them for anything. Thank you.” – Facebook Review from Kristin C We truly appreciate reviews like Kristin’s. Our team works hard to provide exceptional roofing installation & replacement services and […]

Roof & Gutter Replacement Review

“We knew we needed a roof 2 years ago. Elite came out in 2015 and 2017. In between, we interviewed several other roofing companies. When Elite came back in 2017 to review/update the estimate, we were impressed with their thorough evaluation both times. Elite completed our house and garage roof, gutters, and down spouts. We […]