About Our Professional Home Improvement Contractors

Servicing Burlington, Waukesha and surrounding areas

Our Team

We know that having quality employees is one of the most important parts of a good business.  Having the right people installing products to manufactures specifications will ensure your project will stand the test of time.  All of our employees undergo a full background check and drug screening before they join our team.  We wouldn’t allow anyone in your house that we wouldn’t allow in ours.  Along with being good, friendly people we insist that everyone continues training courses each year. This helps them to not only be safe on the job, but also keeps them fresh with building codes and industry trends.  We also work with industry professionals like state licensed plumbers and electricians.  We have done the hard part and screened through many companies to find the best.

Elite in the Community

Our home office is in Burlington, which in our opinion is a great family orientated community.  We also recently opened an office in Waukesha, WI. We are involved in the local Chamber of Commerce in both Burlington & Waterford.  We are proud sponsors of the Rochester 5k that benefits the local volunteer fire department.  Studio 84 is another organization that we are proud to sponsor. They focus on bringing visual arts & theater to people of all ages with cognitive and mental disabilities, a real gem in the community.


We are certified through a large number of industry leading product manufacturers so we can best fit your needs and your budget. We are members of the National Roofing Contractors Association along with the Wisconsin Building Trades Association.  There are strict qualifications and requirements needed for these memberships so we pride ourselves for making the cut.  Having multiple products available for our customers sets us apart from the competition.  Featuring one product may suit one customer but not everyone.  Each situation is unique so flexibility is necessary to help a large customer base.  We only offer high quality, time tested products that we match to fit your lifestyle and expectations.